Automatically generate or attach PDF files to WooCommerce emails

WooPDF automatically generates and attach text PDF files or send any PDF with the order transactional emails sent by WooCommerce.

A clever way to add PDF files to your order emails!

WooPDF is a simple plugin that allows to generate text PDFs on-fly or use uploaded PDF files to attach them to WooCommerce order transactional emails.

Upload or generate PDFs dynamically

WooPDF was build to allow WooCommerce shop owners to send PDFs along with order confirmation emails.

You can either attach any uploaded PDF generated with another software or easily generate text PDFs from provided content that can be entered in WYSIWYG editor just like regular posts.

Attach multiple PDF files to selected products & emails

You can define as many PDF attachment as you need. For instance, you can deliver PDFs with different content for specific products.

For better user experience, it is also possible to send the document only for chosen email types, eg. "Completed order", "Processing order", etc.

Allow your WooCommerce customers to print documents

Need to attach printable terms of use, privacy, return policy, product manual/instructions or another document?

With WooPDF you can not only upload, but also generate customized PDF with your customer name, address and other order details.

Buy WooPDF

Below you can find all pricing plans available for WooPDF.
After the payment process is completed you will receive the email with the plugin files & unique license key.

1 domain

$ 40

lifetime access
to plugin updates & support

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3 domains

$ 100

lifetime access
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unlimited domains

$ 200

lifetime access
to plugin updates & support

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Below you can find the answers on most frequently asked questions.

The instructions on how to install the plugin are posted on this page.

If your license key is valid, the plugin can be updated just like other WordPress plugins directly from admin dashboard (via “Plugins” page) with a single click.

Yes, of course!

You can define as many PDF attachments as you need.

WooPDF can generate plain text PDFs without any problem. Theoretically it is possible to use images inside the content, but it is not recommended due to some technical limitations of TCPDF.

Alternatively, you can also upload any PDF file generated with another software and attach it to the WooCommerce confirmation emails.

Yes, if you decide to stop using the plugin or for some reason it will not be compatible with your WordPress configuration you can submit a refund request within 7 days from the purchase date.

Please find more info here.

After the checkout process is completed, you will be send an email where you can generate your invoice and also add your company VAT-ID number (if you did not provide it during the checkout).

Go to Documentation page

If you still did not find the answer to your question or have any questions, please send us a message via contact form or using following email address

Not certain if WooPDF will suit your needs?

Check all three WooPDF modes and generate sample PDFs sent with order confirmation emails on Demo Store website.

Check how WooPDF works!

If you are not satisfied with WooPDF for any reason, please contact us within 7 days from the purchase date and we will refund you without any question!

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